Baileys Irish Cream Truffle Chocolate Bar

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Baileys original Irish cream liqueur truffle bar

Baileys Fine Foods
For years now people all over the world have been falling in love with the luxurious taste of Baileys original Irish cream liqueur. And now there are even more ways to experience the flavour of Baileys by sampling our premium collection of fine food. In our range you will find an array of delicious desserts and a host of velvety chocolate assortments. Combine fabulous fare with the great taste of Baileys and you unleash a truly tempting taste experience.

The Lir Legend
Lir was a legendary King of Ireland whose four beautiful children were transformed into swans by the sorcery of a jealous stepmother.
It is a story of deep mystery, magical powers, poetry, love beauty and passion which is perfectly embodied in the indulgent experience of Lir Chocolates.
This product contains alcohol 1%

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